Birds of Prey
In addition to a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle, CCEEC houses and displays a variety of non-releasable raptors. These birds would be unable to survive in the wild, and include hawks, vultures, owls, and others. Below is a list of current residents that can be seen in the mews along the boardwalk, 7 days a week from dawn until dusk. Click for more details about their individual stories and species information.


Did You Know?
Birds of Prey Facts

Owls have 15 neck bones. Humans and almost all other mammals (including Giraffes) only have 7!

The fastest animal on earth is the Peregrine Falcon. Cheetahs can run faster than 60 mph., but the Peregrine has been clocked at over 240 mph in a dive!
It takes a year or more for a Red-tail hawk to grow red tail feathers.


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