Though small, CCEEC has gained a reputation as a premier environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation facility. We’re not just “the animal place”! We’re also the rock place, the stream place, the tree place, and so much more!

Though CCEEC is funded in part by a grant from the Carbon County Commissioners, and two full-time staff salaries are funded through the Carbon Conservation District, our operating budget depends largely on program fees, memberships, and donations.  Without these donations, the cost to provide food, housing, and veterinary care for the hundreds of sick, injured, or orphaned animals that are brought to us for help, would be overwhelming.

Thousands of visitors and hundreds of injured and orphaned wild animals benefit each year from the generosity of our friends and supporters. If you would like to contribute to our mission of conservation education, feel free to be in touch.

If you would like to help, you may use a credit card by using the Donate Button on the right,  or send your contributions to:

151 E. White Bear Drive
Summit Hill, PA 18250

Checks may be made payable to CCEEC


Did You Know?
The Bottom Line

It costs approximately $1900 annually to feed just one of our non-releasable eagles. Take into consideration that CCEEC houses over 25 other educational birds of prey, and you’ll understand why our “grocery bill” equals many thousands of dollars.

The cost to x-ray a
bird’s wing can be as high as $75

Often times medication for animals can cost
as much, or more than similar human medicines.
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151 East White Bear Drive, Summit Hill, PA 18250
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