Environmental Education
The main focus of Carbon County Environmental Education Center is, of course, environmental education, but not by way of the stuffy old science lesson. As one of the most unique centers of its kind, CCEEC offer a wide variety of programs and events for all ages. Quiet self guided nature hikes through diverse habitats on well defined trails, a week-long youth conservation camp, arts and crafts programs, school assemblies, and mushroom identification classes are just a few of the educational opportunities we offer.

Ideas taught at CCEEC do not just apply to the land surrounding the center. Lessons learned here can be carried to the greatest expanse of wilderness, or the tiniest backyard. The following information will help you understand and appreciate the wildlife in your own backyard:

Living With Wildlife
Creating Backyard Habitats

CCEEC has a continued working relationship with local school districts. Educators at the center have worked with school administrators to develop a Pennsylvania Department of Education compliant curriculum that places standards for environment and ecology at the forefront of the educational experience. Each student has an opportunity to visit the center, with his or her class, every year from kindergarten through 5th grade. Some schools continue to visit through the middle and high school levels.

Did You Know...
Education Facts

CCEEC welcomes roughly 15,000 visitors, students, and other program participants each year.

CCEEC offers programs for children as young as 2 years old.

Over 25 non-releasable birds of prey assist the CCEEC staff in educating the public.
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