CCEEC staff has long recognized the importance of preserved specimens in wildlife education. The Center houses a large collection of taxidermied birds, mammals, fish, study skins, bones, insect mounts, horns and antlers. These collections have been of great value in educating students on topics such as food chains, adaptations, vertebrate anatomy and the scientific method.

Skulls and bones are cleaned at CCEEC by dermestid (flesh-eating) beetles, so even the decomposition process itself becomes a highly visible teaching tool.

The diversity of the collection would not be possible without help from the many sportsmen, taxidermists and veterinarians who share CCEEC's philosophy on the importance of well preserved specimens in public education.
CCEEC welcomes the addition of legally obtained specimens for use in education. Please contact us if you might be willing to donate any such item for the sake of public education.

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