Reptile Program

Reptiles are remarkable creatures. As a group, they’ve not only survived, but thrived for hundreds of millions of years. Some walk around with their rib cages (shells) on the outside of their bodies, while others get around just fine without the benefit of arms or legs.

Despite some of the most amazing adaptations in the animal kingdom, reptiles are feared by many, even hated by some.

The goal of CCEEC’s reptile program is to provide you and your group with a safe and enjoyable experience, maybe unlike the surprise encounter you might have with a snake in the backyard. We hope that by meeting one of these scaled, slithery animals in a calm, controlled setting, you’ll be a little less frightened, and a little more understanding of snakes and other reptiles in the wild.

Live snakes are a big part of the program*. Most are rescued, discarded pets, and so are not native to Pennsylvania. Typically included are corn snakes, milk snakes, western hognose, and one live turtle, though we cannot guarantee the appearance of any species in particular.

Touchable specimens are included in all of CCEEC’s programs, and may include snake skins, turtle shells, and wet specimens (that means things in jars!)

* Depending on the number of program participants, you may be allowed or even encouraged to touch CCEEC’s live snakes. However, we recommend that due to salmonella concerns, children under 5, as well as those with a compromised immune system, refrain from touching any reptiles.

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