Reptiles are among the most misunderstood members of the animal kingdom. One of the goals of CCEEC is to correct misconceptions about reptiles and other wildlife by disseminating facts. Staff members hope to give an audience the opportunity to see these amazing creatures up close, and to allow students to experience reptiles in a safe, controlled situation.
Using live reptiles in education gives us the opportunity to help individuals overcome their fears, and appreciate the important roles these animals play in the habitats where they’re found.

Reptile Programs
CCEEC keeps a selection of snakes and other reptiles for use in educational programs. Snakes housed at CCEEC include: corn, garter, milk, black rat, yellow rat, great plains rat, western hognose, and california king snakes. In addition to the snakes, the center also houses a yellow-throated plated lizard and a trio of box turtles.

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