Wildlife Wish List
CCEEC helps hundreds of orphaned and injured animals each year. Medical supplies are always in demand, but there are many other supplies that are needed for day-to-day care. Hand warmers and electric heating pads are used in place of mom to provide warmth to orphaned baby rabbits and squirrels. Bleach disinfects hospital equipment, bird feeders and cages. Sheepskin is used as a base in cages for birds that may have foot injuries. Dawn dish liquid is used to clean oil and other contaminants from waterfowl. Foods like fruit and birdseed are necessary to provide nutrition to recovering and resident educational animals.

Please take a moment to view the list at the right. You may even have some extras of these items in your home right now.  Please help us help wildlife.
Wish List

Baby Blankets
Hand Warmers
Heating Pads
Paper Towels
Masking Tape
Dishwashing Gloves
Fresh Fruits
Fresh Greens
Raw Nuts
Nylon Rope
Sheep Skin
Dawn Dish Liquid
Ziplock Baggies
5 Gallon Buckets
Baby Food
Rodent Chow

Items collected
are used for the care
of injured and non-releasable wildlife.

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